Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Products

Hello super friendly friends! My hEAR campaign is a success and my cochlear implant is a success.. Thanks for your prayers and support.. *mwah* *mwah* *mwah* I'm hearing now.. Though I still can't understand sounds clearly.. Soon. Soon. But I can already recognize every sound..

Anyway, my fund raising is still ongoing.. MY CI isn't fully paid yet and I'm raising funds for that.. I always find ways, so here's the way.. I'm selling new line of products, of course by me.. :) This is my way of sharing what I can..

I'm now selling Purple Wristbands for 60pesos with the words: I CAN & LIFE MUST GO ON engraved on it; and Button Pins for 35pesos with the quotes I lived by..

plus the hEAR shirts & the I CAN posters..


  1. gusto ko ung wristbands! kaya lang hmm di ako marunong umorder.. hehehehe!

  2. hi colleen! click mo lang yung link ng 'order here' then follow the instructions.. or text me.. 0906-3360757 :)


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