Sunday, October 12, 2008


just finished editing my hearyeah site.. re-orginizing..

hEAR shirts are still very much available.. My CI device is not yet fully paid, I still need to raise around P300,000-P400,000.. So please, please please ummm.. 'help' :)


this coming November.. i'll be selling another product for my fund raising.. I hope you'll still support me.. :) I still need to raise around P300,000-400,000 so I need to earn earn earn.. Btw, my new product would be less than P100 this time.. What is it? Secret. :P Basta coming soon.. Maybe on November 10.. Parang movie.. Haha!

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  1. hi :) ang dami mong gimik :p

    i miss visiting your blogs

    dami mo blogs :p

    abangan namin yang "movie" mo

  2. movie.. haha! magbebenta lng ako.. hehe. miss ko na din si baby ivan mo.. tagasubaybay ako ng pics n videos nya.. fan.. haha! tc!

  3. thanks ah, hehehe

    si ivan might be our one and only child, baka hindi na namin sundan, kaya super love namin


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