Thursday, January 08, 2009

1st Wednesday of the month/year

It's the 1st Wednesday of the month yesterday.. So we went to Megamall for Fr. Joey Faller's healing mass.. I've been attending it since July 2007.. When I'm free every 1st Wednesday of the month, I make it to a point to attend Fr. Faller's healing mass.. I can't hear what's going on, though sometimes my mom states to me the important words Fr. Faller mentions during his homily.. I can't hear the mass.. But I'm praying with Fr. Faller.. I'm praying with everyone inside the chapel.. and he prays for me, for us.. Join forces ang lahat.. :)

A month and few days after my 1st healing mass with Fr. Faller, I got to stumble upon ABI (Auditory Brainstem Implant), a device which can make me hear again.. Kaaliw.. Ang bilis ng endorsement kay Lord! Haha. ;) I really want that ABI, but as always, God's will be done.. If it is for me, then it's for me.. But it's not.. Coz God wants something better for me.. The Cochlear Implant!

And now I got the COCHLEAR IMPLANT.. Though it's not fully paid yet and I'm still raising funds.. ;)

Anyway, my New Year was a blast.. as in a blast, literally.. Haha. ;P Coz I heard every sound of the very noisy firecrackers & even the music on our videoke party.. Yey! Yey!


After New Year, there seem to be something wrong with my CI.. The sounds I'm hearing isn't defined anymore, just sounds.. and there's no music, just sound.. softer sound.. Even my voice is soft to me.. I don't like it.. Because those were not the sounds I got used to.. Hehe. ;P I even texted Ms. Kaye and told her what seems to be the problem.. She said that I should observe it well, and if it persists, she'll map my CI and re-program it..
The next day, it's still the same..


Wednesday, around 12noon (the mass starts at 12pm, and we came a bit late.. hehe).. I was on my place where all the people on wheels are.. ;) Then I heard a sound.. It's a talking sound.. It's Fr. Faller.. Then music.. It's offertory.. Music.. My CI is back to normal! I even made a low coughing sound so that I could hear my voice.. Haha! It's really back! My voice is the loudest of all the sounds I'm hearing.. My CI's Back! My CI's back! Woohoo!

After Fr. Faller touched & prayed over me..

tacK: pwedeng mag-comment.. (Hahaha!)

and then I told them what happened during the mass..

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  1. hi bunso, next first wednesday sana magkita us after the mass....I want to meet you....also i will order my ishi black ladies tshirt - blue-pink-black (medium siguro sya).

    Glory to God bunso....

    I am in the planning stage sa new charity work ko...i will update you once it is already ok...para mahelp mo naman ako to post it...


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