Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Happy New Year!

When 2008 started, I claimed that it is the start of God's time for me.. Indeed! It doesn't have time limit so It ain't mean that it's only for 2008.. It'll continue till whenever.. I felt like it's God's time because I have a feeling that I'm on my way to really getting better.. really. really. really.. and I'm feeling it.. I'm getting it! 2008 was a great year.. So will 2009 be.. 2010, 2011, and so on.. If you want a good year, make it good.. ;)

Anyway, before 2008 left, the year gave me a very nice farewell gift..

We had a Videoke Party at our place on December 31 til New Year.. An hour before 12am, I noticed that I'm hearing something different.. So I moved closer to the tv and put my ears in front of the speaker.. MUSIC! I'm hearing music! I don't understand it and it's soft, but it's music! Not just sounds.. but music!!!! I was so happy I hurriedly called my mom.. I even texted my doctor & audiologist to give the good news, wish them happy new year & thank them.. I didn't understand a thing, but I know it's music! I can differentiate music from sound.. Woohoo! I'm super super happy! I kept on listening in front of the speaker the whole time.. Haha!

Super more pictures here..


  1. happy new year, tack! ^^

    How are you?

    wow.. seem you have a greatness gift from God.. Congratulation!! ^0^

  2. hi satona! i'm great! yeah that was the a great great gift.. tc & God bless!

  3. hi there...i just added you to my blogroll. feel great with God's gifts...cheers!


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