Friday, January 21, 2011

Not-So-Good News

We went to my eye doctor last Monday, regarding my swollen swallowing right eye.. Tarsorrhaphy is not an option anymore since the bone at the side/back of my right eye is actively pushing it out.. So he advised us to see my neurosurgeon for a checkup regarding that..

while we were in Dr. Lopez's (my NS) clinic, explaining my CT Scan plate and my right eye.. I can already sense that something is wrong, though I didn't feel anxious nor worried.. I got to catch up some words that my doctor was saying: "tumor" "bone" "ct scan" "mri" etc. etc.

and then I finally butt in and asked, "anong meron?" as if i was curious to know if there'll be an upcoming event.. ;P

I don't know the definite explanation, basta I there's a tumor at the back or side of my right eye and it is sticking to a bone that's pushing my eye.. I'm not sure with the whole explanation.. Anyway, the conclusion: I need to undergo a major surgery soon to remove the tumor which is actively pushing my right eye.. I think a part of the bone/skull will also be removed since the tumor sticked to it.. The whole explanation is not clear with me yet.. Pero basta ayun, I'll meet my doctor again in the operating room again soon.. It's not really an emergency case, but rather priority.. Now I know why I kept on having occasional super painful cramps on the right side of my head..

I need to have some tests done like CT scan & MRI (if possible) and Dr. Lopez will study my case.. And we need to think of a fund raising event or something (i really need suggestions).. I need lots of KACHING-KACHING-KACHING for it.. I'm also planning to launch a new shirt design.. sana sana sana.. I know God will provide.. As always, "nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa" that's why i'll move my feet forward (even though I can't really walk.. ;P) and God will do the rest! ..because He is the best among the rest! paramg cheer lang.. ;P

And of course I need lots and lots and lots of prayers which I know I am super blessed with.. So thank you, please continue praying for me.. ;)


  1. my prayers are with you kcat..i know you will pull through this....

  2. thank u so much! take care & God bless! :)


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